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When looking for a Breeder.

What questions should you ask?


Where are they being raised?


Here at Wind Song Poodles all our puppies are born and raised in our home.

Our expected mothers are introduced into the whelping area 4 weeks prior to

giving birth.  This allows the mother to enjoy her space and private time as

she desires in a quiet, calm environment.  Once the puppies are born they

are kept in a temperature controlled environment to minimize stress on the

newborn puppies.  As the puppies begin to grow the nursery area is large

enough to accommodate their growth and offers a area for movement and

exercise as they take their first steps. 


What kind of socialization have they had?


We feel socialization is very important to the mental health and

physical health of a puppy.  We begin socialization at birth by

handling each puppy for short periods of time several times a day.

We gradually extend the time each puppy is physically handled

and introduce the puppy to a variety positions such as cradled on

their backs while being petted.  As the puppies advance we

introduce a variety of common household noises such as vacuuming,

television, radio, kitchen sounds and other sounds found in a home.

We provide exposure to children in a supervised situation as well

as other adults outside our home.   We feel the more sights and

sounds a puppy is introduced to the more self-confidence each

puppy will have. 


Will they be vet-checked before you place them?


Absolutely!!  We visit our veterinarian several times before any puppy

goes to their new home.  Each puppy is monitored and checked

for heart murmurs and parasites.


How many shots will they have had?


Our puppies are kept current on vaccinations according to the size, weight,

and recommendations of our veterinarian.


At what age will you be placing them?


Our puppies are monitored by an Obedience Trainer and our

Veterinarian to determine what's best for each individual puppy.

Around 4 weeks of age a puppy is weaned from nursing and introduced to

softened kibble.  However, a puppy at 6 weeks of age has not learned

proper dog to dog socialization skills from its mother and littermates, nor

has it learned bite inhibition.  This type of learning is vital for a well-adjusted

adult dog. Also at 6 weeks the immune system has not fully developed,

and the simple stress of going to a new home can cause problems.   Our

puppies go to their new homes when we feel the time is right for that individual

puppy.  This is usually between 8 to 12 weeks of age.



Why did you decide to breed that sire (male) to that dam (female)?


We take many factors into consideration when selecting a sire and dam

prior to breeding.  We strive to achieve a happy and healthy puppy.

When selecting a sire and dam we evaluate their personalities,

genetics, physical structure, colorations and patterns in attempts to

whelp a quality puppy.  


How much do they cost and why do they cost so much?


Many factors go into the price of a puppy.  Not only does size, color,

sex of the puppy, genetic pattern,  body structure and features go into

pricing a puppy  but a lot of time and money has all ready been invested

in each individual puppy.  By the time each puppy reaches 8 weeks of age the

puppy has seen the veterinarian on many visits.  Visits include tail docking,

dewclaw removal, check ups and vaccines.  Even before the puppies

arrive the expecting mom is placed on vitamins and monitored with

ultrasounds and pre-birth x-rays to determine health risks to

the mom and puppies to deliver naturally.  After the puppies

arrive mom is then placed on supplements to assure her health

and the health of nursing puppies. 



If you have any additional questions Please Email Us we will be happy

to answer them for you.



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