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The Seller,  _____________________    and the  Buyer(s),____________________________,  hereby

agree to the following declarations:


The Seller hereby sells to the Buyer, for the amount of $____________, of which is hereby acknowledged,  the

sale of a   (Female)  (Male)  puppy, born on ____________, and associated with

(Dam)  _____________________     (Sir)  ______________________.


Option A or B


 ____A.   Full AKC Registration, This puppy appears to be of breeding/show quality at the

              time of purchase. As the buyer(s) we do understand different things can happen as the

              puppy grows that would disqualify it for breeding/show purposes. The seller/breeder

              does not guarantee that the puppy purchased will be successful in a breeding/show

              program. Full AKC registration gives the buyer the right to breed and/or show the puppy

              purchased when it would become of breeding/show age. The seller/breeder

              recommends prior to breeding that puppy be examined by a Veterinarian to

              be assured that the dog would be of good health to whelp or sire puppies.


 ______B. Limited Registration, puppy will NOT be used for breeding purposes, will be

                spayed/neutered at the appropriate age. 


As the Buyer I also Understand and Agree to:


   1. We the Sellers guarantees that the puppy is in good health on the date of     

       purchase/delivery.  The Buyer(s) agree to have puppy checked by a Veterinarian of

       their choice within 72 hours. If your Veterinarian finds anything wrong with the puppy

       that the buyer(s) is uncomfortable with, you may then return the puppy along

       with the Vet statement and buyer(s) have choice of next available puppy of equal or

       lesser value.


   Please note that the seller is not responsible for any Veterinarian cost.


  2. The Buyer(s) shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including abiding to a regular

      immunization schedule,  heartworm preventative, good standard of diet, and a clean

      and safe environment.


   3. The Sellers have registered the puppy/litter with the AKC and will provide the registration

       papers to the Buyer(s). If registration application were not supplied at the time of purchase,

       they will be mailed promptly upon the sellers receiving them.





Name:____________________________________________  Phone___________________




City:______________________________ State___________  Zip:_______________


Email:_____________________________________________ Date:______________

 Deposit Received $________     Payments Received $________      Balance Due $___________





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