Wind Song Poodles

Wind Song Poodles





Poodles at a Glance


They are very intelligent and loving animals with personality all their own.


Coat Care
Low dander, Low Shedding- equivalent to a human.

Requires regular grooming / clipping to prevent matting.

Daily brushing recommended.  Bath every 10 to 14 days.

Should be blown dry carefully not to over heat or burn them.


Family life
Due to low pet dander - tend to be more suitable for those with allergies.

However, each persons allergy tolerance can be different.


Life Style
Can be barkers, but all dogs can be, training and control starts early….

you get back what you put into it. They can be great companion dogs,

travelers and best friends.  Safety when traveling - Please properly

restrain your dog when traveling. Only takes one quick stop to break

bones or severely injure your dog.


Life expectancy 11-16 years

Yearly exams and vaccinations are a must to monitor your pets health.

Proper diet and exercise is essential for a happy and healthy pet.

Consult your vet for can haves, must haves and avoidance items for

your pets diet.

NEVER allow your dog CHOCOLATE !!


Exercise and attention are a must for physical and mental health.

Physical exercise should be monitored according to the size of your

poodle. Poodles are like people in many ways.


Can be easily trained with the proper environment. Work in a area

free of distractions and noises. They train quicker and easier under

these conditions. Teacups and Tiny Toys have tiny bladders and

require more potty trips. They can however, be litter boxed trained.

Do not over load with training... work on one training issue at a time.



Getting Started with your New Puppy

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