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Pricing and Shipping Information


We price our puppies once we feel we have obtained enough

information from the litter and pedigree to obtain a reasonable guess

pertaining to mature size of the puppy. There is no way anyone can

tell you the exact size a puppy will be when it is full grown.

Therefore, there are NO guarantee on the mature size your puppy will reach!


We can only give you an idea of what we guess the approximate size will

be and we determine this by knowing the parents' sizes (and some sizes in

the pedigrees) and using a growth rate chart that breeders have put together

over their years of experience. We always have available the parents

information for you to guess for yourself. We will also answer to the best of

our knowledge additional information we may have in regards to each parent

and previous litters. We will gladly send you photos, heights, and weights

of parents beforehand.


No puppy leaves our home until it is thoroughly examined by our vet and

completely weaned with a full mouth of puppy teeth for eating solids.

All vaccinations are current, they are given wormer medication as a

precautionary (min of 3 times AFTER weaned from mom).


Our prices average between $900 - $2000 depending on sex, size and color.

Prices will vary and can change without notice. Once we quote a price to a

customer, that price will not change. Currently our female puppies start

at $900 and males start at $900 and go up according to size and

color/markings, the smaller the dog; the bigger the price.

Once a puppy is paid for in full, we will begin the process of getting him or her

to you. After the payment arrives, there are no refunds and no exceptions.

Please make sure you are 100% certain that you want your puppy. Once you

pick your puppy and pay for it, the sale is closed.


Pick up / Delivery /Shipping


We prefer that a puppy be picked up, however, depending on miles involved

we can quote pricing to deliver to your door or specified delivery point.


We do offer Personalized Delivery Service priced according to mileage.


Due to New USDA/APHIS regulations we are unable to ship via air travel. 

We have elected NOT  to apply for new licensing fees applicable to new

shipping laws in an attempt to keep the price of puppies more affordable.

Read New USDA/APHIS Regulations


Current laws, regulations and licensing fee's along with rising

veterinary fee's and other applicable costs dictate the price of puppies






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