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Important Information to know about Teacup poodles

                    and should be kept in mind for Tiny Toys Too


Teacup is the name given by breeders to describe an extremely small toy

poodle - so there is no universal standard regarding size. It is generally

agreed that a fully grown Teacup poodle should weigh 4lbs or less and

be less than 8 inches tall. Tiny Toy is a term used by breeders to describe

the size range between a Teacup and a Toy. 

Teacup poodles are not runts of a litter.


Teacup poodles are unlikely to be able to jump onto a couch or chair,

or climb stairs. If they are placed or found in this position, they MUST be

constantly watched. A fall or attempt to jump can result in serious injury to

themselves. Teacup poodle puppies can be difficult to train, as they tire

easily and cannot sustain long periods of exercise. Balancing play/training

time with rest periods is essential however, as they grow they tend to require

less rest periods and develop a play and sleep schedule on their own. A

warm soft bed designated in a quiet area in the corner or under a end table

seems to work well.


Although they are friendly, confident, playful, charming, lively and bright they

are not well suited to family homes with children or other animals, as they can

easily be dropped, hurt or stepped on.

For this reason we do not recommend a Teacup for homes with children.


Teacup poodles have derived from toy poodles and are the smallest type,

bred for their overall 'tiny features' - they are available in many colors, such

as black, white, silver, red, apricot, chocolate and other rarer colors can be

obtained.  Teacups are very tiny dogs, which at 2-3 weeks old can be the

same size as a hamster! Because of their vulnerability, reputable breeders

will not normally release them until they are at least 3 months old.


Nutri-Cal is a high caloric dietary supplement and a readily digestible source

of vitamins and minerals in a palatable gel formulation. This is used by most

breeders in the first few months of the puppies life in small doseís

(pea size or less).

Some breeders may recommend a few times a day where others may

recommend it be used if the puppy is acting lethargic or under stressís

such as traveling or changes in environment, like moving to their new

homes. Some veterinarians recommend weaning or to use sparingly and

feel prolonged use can result in health issues in later years.


There are some words of caution that need to be mentioned regarding

a teacup poodle while it is a pup. Their small size means that they can

run out of energy quickly. This requires vigilance for the first 6 to 9 months

of their lives, as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can occur instantly and

could be fatal. Some breeders recommend keeping your teacup poodle

in a child's playpen to avoid overexertion. One breeder recommends letting

the pooped pup suck on a finger covered with Karo syrup to counteract the

occasional low blood sugar incidents. Another suggests giving them some

high-energy liquid food at night to carry them safely through to morning.


Check with your trusted vet for good advice.


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