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Kenneling  vs  No Kenneling

by Jude Iaconianni


This is a decision individual breeders have to decide.  I will try to explain why each breeder

chooses kenneling vs not kenneling.  First to explain the nature of the beasts,

so you can better understand.  Most people who are not breeders or breeders with lack of

knowledge are not aware of the true nature they face.


We all know the history of all breeds of dogs in the wild that they are  "Pack Animals".

They determine rank in the pack by body gestures, sounds and power struggles that include

aggressive behavior.  A good part of this behavior is to establish breeding rights and territory.

When your a breeder you basically have a pack of dogs for breeding purposes and/or show

dogs.  Most breeders are striving to produce a top of the line puppy to continue standards

for that breed of dog.  They want that perfect, healthy, happy puppy for everyone to enjoy.


Most breeders have several dogs consisting of males and females that are intact. 

Intact meaning not spayed or neutered.  By not spaying or neutering your maintaining that

drive to be a pack animal like in the wild.  This establishes an atmosphere that can change

in a split second from a calm environment to a all out frenzy that can end up with several

dogs injured or dead.  A bitch in heat, a whimper, or even a growl over a dish of food can

cause pack instincts to turn into a very aggressive attack.


Some breeders are just not aware of this behavior, some breeders think "My dogs are

sweethearts they never fight", or some breeders are aware this can happen and choose to

take a chance.  Many breeders express they do not kennel to try to sell puppies to

the public who do not understand the dangers involved.  It makes them sound like a better

breeder then someone who kennels or so they don't sound like a "Puppy Mill".  Many times

when you get to these breeders homes they have multiple dogs who are gated off in rooms

to separate them. 


Some breeders, as I do,  have kennel runs, fenced in play area outside as well as a

indoor room for play.  Play times are always supervised or no more then 2 dogs are left

alone to play at one time.  This is for their safety and well-being and to avoid any aggressive

pack instinct attacks.


I personally have witness this aggressive attacks from dogs that normally all slept or laid

together as a pack  in the same dog bed where they cleaned each other and shared toys

and food together.  The most well mannered pack of dogs that have lived and shared

together for years can snap in a split second and injury or kill a pack member.  So a breeder

has to make a decision do I take that chance or Not?


Now you need to ask yourself.... What's your choice... a breeder that kennels or a breeder

that takes a chance and does not kennel?


Take your time... research....ask questions and find the right breeder for you

and your family.


Email......if you have any other questions




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