Wind Song Poodles

Wind Song Poodles


Our Journey

The history behind Wind Song Poodles began over a half century ago.  Growing

up in a loving family that always included a poodle.  I often thought it would be

really neat  to experience the entire process of creating this creature that

I truly had a special place in my heart for.  So I began researching to find out

 all I could about breeding dogs ....  I just did not want to buy two dogs and

make puppies.

I began taking classes and completed training as a Veterinary Assistant,

Pet Groomer, Obedience Trainer and Instructor,

Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, and attended seminars about

 Animal Behaviors.  I was also blessed

with an opportunity to learn hands on with my Veterinarian....

who I will forever be thankful for.


While attending classes the project of building the

"The Poodle Palace" began.  Previously the Poodle Palace was

my fathers wood working shop and with the passing of my father

and with the support and encouragement from my family.

The wood working shop was gutted out to the studs and remodeled

from the inside out by myself.  This transformation took several

months, running new electric lines, installing windows, doggie doors,

new heating, hung drywall, new lights, night vision cameras

inside and out, cable TV and internet,

 installed patio block runs with wood deck sections, added a desk

and coffee bar, then fencing was put up.  Once it was completed I

gave the task of naming to my mother and after a few days she

chose Wind Song Poodles.


Check Out The Poodle Palace


Once The Poodle Palace was completed the search began

locating a Dam and Sire for breeding and I began

establishing my breeding program.


Along the way I had a few  hurdles and obstacles including a personal

fight that left me with a tracheotomy and being ventilator dependent  for over

22 years now.  This battle has only made me a stronger person and more

determined to set goals and reach them.  I have continued to expand my

involvement in the animal world as a AKC CGC Evaluator, AKC Ambassador

and a Animal Control Operator for the State of Ohio assisting with all types

of animals big and small, domesticated and wildlife.


My poodles are all members of my family spending their time in

my home as well as their Poodle Palace and I spend my time in

their Poodle Palace as well as my home. 


Any questions you may have feel free to EMAIL or call 440-413-2793

I will be happy to assist you



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