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Wind Song Poodles


What's a Litter Cost?

My Answer:  Moderate Money and A LOT of TIME


My Diary of a Litter


After being asked this question many times it really

 made me start thinking what all I did and what the costs

 of having a litter really are.  The curiosity got my goat so

 I decided to document everything involved.  So I am

 keeping track of everything that is directly associated

 from beginning till the last puppy leaves for their

new home.


So here we go!



Breezy and Boo Boo Litter


The Breeding

January 3, 2011

Breeding Breezy and Boo Boo - For those who have never done this its not as easy as it sounds.  This procedure can take from 20 minutes to several hours and include  numerous attempts by them to breed.  The result was ................NO SUCCESS and a call to the Vet Office was made trying not to miss the breeding window... and yes sometimes they can not get it right especially in a young breeding pair.  To increase your chances of the right timing you can make multiple trips to the vet office and do progesterone blood test to monitor your females ovulation day.  This can get expensive.

January 4, 2011

Breeding Breezy and Boo Boo - Once again several hours of monitoring with no results so a decision is made to Artificially Inseminate so loaded up Breezy and Boo Boo and off to the vet office for breeding intervention.  Artificial Insemination is performed hoping we hit her ovulation day...cross your fingers and hope for success.

January 6, 2011

YOUR KIDDING ME... After paying for Artificial Insemination...Love is in the air ...I let the two love birds out to play and BINGO... they bred and now I am trying to catch Breezy so she doesn't hurt Boo Boo dragging him around the room.  Yes... I caught her under the table so now the three of us sit together under the table for 15 minutes till the breeding is completed.

January 9, 2011


Here we go again.....Thinking we are probably out of the breeding window....I let them out to play and
flirting begins.... sitting there remembering the dive under the table with them.


 DOOR and before I can get over to close the crate door .......

 out the dog door they go....

I begin to call Breezy coaxing her back inside and before I can

get her to come inside.....they breed just outside the dog door and now I have a dilemma.............

Breezy is on the inside trying to get back in and poor Boo Boo is on the outside....
so in the crate with  them I go..... holding

 Breezy against the dog door...petting her and

talking to her for another 15 minutes or so till the breeding is

complete and I can now climb out of the crate with the two of them.

This completes the Breeding Process and now the work begins. 




Below is associated tasks and Items in addition to normal every day feeding and care.

All my poodles receive a multi-vitamin everyday, bathed once a week and groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Breezy is given 2 extra feedings of Bil-Jac dog food a day in addition to what dry food is left available 24 hours a day.  This will continue till the puppies have finished nursing.





Below is a list  with Costs and Events directly associated to this litter and Breezy including a total count of laundry loads...  Its almost constant clean up from birth till puppies go to new homes.


Ultra-sound to confirm pregnancy and possible problems (2-8-11)

X-Ray for Puppy Count and Check for possible delivery problems (3-4-11)

March 6th to 8th..... hours of Monitoring Behavior and Temperature to Drop (signs of labor)



March 7th and 8th


Delivery of Puppies and Clean up.......... ALL NIGHT  (16 hours).......

Sleep...NOT TONIGHT and for the next several days.....

Puppy Checks every 2 to 3 hours to make sure mom isn't laying

on them, that a puppy is not tangled in bedding and that

everyone is eating and mom isn't developing complications.



LITTER BORN March 8, 2011


Monitoring Temperature of Whelping Box (Kennel Heat pad and overhead Lamp)

Weight Monitoring of Puppies (paperwork is hours over a period of weeks)

Breezy Bath

Medication to help Milk Production

Breezy is now on a daily Calcium Tablet with her Multi-Vitamin



March 11, 2011


A trip to the Veterinarian.. First Check Up... Tails Docked... Dew Claws Removed

Breezy... bath to clean her belly of dried on milk so puppies do not get sick

Whelping Box Bedding Change....Yes... another load of laundry


Still Checking every 2 to 3 hours the Whelping Box for babies tangled in bedding

and Clean up...Clean up... Clean up



March 14, 2011


Another Bath for Breezy

Daily weighing of the puppies now goes to Weekly

Removal of the "Pig Rail" from the whelping box to give them more room.  A "Pig Rail" helps to prevent mom from crushing or suffocating a baby against the side of the whelping box.  The rail creates a safe space for the puppy to lay and be able to breath if it becomes trapped against the side of the whelping box.

We have made it through the first week!!

Another bath for Breezy

Whelping Box Bedding Changed

Trimmed Puppies Nails  to stop them from tangling in bedding and pulling out

10 Days Old ...can see eyes moving but still not open probably another 3 to 5 days



March 22, 2011


Puppies Eyes are starting to open and they are trying to walk the fun starts...time to see how they do out of the whelping box and give them more room to start walking.

Another bath for Breezy

Body wash the puppies nose tells me its time.... while bathing you have to be careful to maintain body temperature without over heating the puppies trying to blow dry them.

Puppies are given first dose of wormer....I use Nemex-2 and its given at  2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.

Weigh the puppies

Whelping Box Bedding Changed

Install the divider to give the puppies more room....and give mom a safe zone to retreat from the puppies so they don't drive her crazy trying to nurse constantly.



March 26, 2011

Change the puppies bedding

Belly Wash Breezy to clean off dried milk on  her belly



March 29, 2011...... 3 weeks old

Introduction of soaked food and water 2 to 3 times a day.  Feeding time can best be described as watching buffet bar at a restaurant.  Some litters take to eating very well and others need to have small amounts placed in their mouth until they realize what they are suppose to do.  After a feeding session is the clean up......the area looks like a buffet table at closing time.... more food outside the containers then in them. 

This is also about the time mom decides not to clean up after them so keep in mind....what goes in has to come out.  So changing the puppy bedding and area now becomes total bedding change twice a day with  constant checking of the area and cleaning up so they do not walk,  play and roll in the presents they leave behind.

Laundry now is 2 or more loads a day.



March 30, 2011


Another day another 2 loads of  Laundry and another total bath for Breezy and a back side wash of one of the puppies.... they are still trying to learn how to go potty without sitting in it and Breezy now says its my job to clean up puppy poo not hers anymore.



April 4, 2011

Another day and ....more laundry

Time for puppies second round of Nemex-2

Puppy Pads are changed 3 to 4 times a day



April 10, 2011


Puppies are offered small amounts food at least 3 times a day followed by clean up....clean up...clean up

Bath day for the puppies.... Baths and Blow Dry



April 12, 2011


Time for their first hair cuts... faces, feet  and tails are groomed....they get there first poodle tail pom....




April 13, 2011


Trip to the Vet Office.....check ups and first shots



April 16, 2011


My nose tells me "It's Time for the puppies to have a Bath"....another bath and a blow dry


Change the puppy pads, bed and even time to wash their stuffed toys and stuff dog they snuggle with



April 22, 2011


Bath Time.... everyone in the tub then a blow dry and another total swap of stuffed toys, bed, puppy pads etc...

The past week has been 3 to 4 times a day a change of puppy pads and extra loads of laundry.


This coming week is final week for 3 of them before heading off to new homes.  The last puppy is going to Georgia so this lil baby gets to stay till plans are worked out

for me to drive to Georgia to drop her off. 


Third round of nemex-2 wormer



April 25, 2011

Trim nails

Bath and a Blow Dry the day they leave for new homes

We are heading to our new homes this week....Coco leaves Thursday.....Bella leaves Friday......Charlee leaves Saturday.... and Star leaves next week,,,,,



May 3, 2011

Last of the babies leaving......... Bath and load up van for a road trip to delivery Star to her new home in Georgia.....

Clean up and put away the puppy pen and start all over again when the next female is bred.

Total Loads of Laundry 82

It has been Hours of Work and Hours of Lost Sleep

You have to love doing's definitely not for the Money


STILL INTERESTED.... Puppies cost  $1200 to $1500

Depends on the puppy

Email for more Information




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