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Got Fleas?

Helpful tips on Controlling Fleas


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Yes, bathing the dog in dish soap does kill the fleas.  However, I have personally

witnessed a flea that appeared to be dead in the bottom of the tub slowly

revive itself.  Whether it would have totally revived I do not know

because I chased it down the drain with very hot water. 


Some say citrus oils help control fleas.  Slice and score the

outside peel, cover with water in a pan and boil it for several minutes to

pull the oils out of the citrus.  Let cool and place liquid into a spray bottle

and apply to your pets coat a couple times a week.


There is also rumors sprinkling garlic powder and brewers yeast over

your pets food will help control fleas.  It is said the flea fines

the taste undesirable.


Your best defense is still your spot on products or flea pills.





If your looking for a minimal chemical way to treat for fleas equal parts of

Baking Soda and Table Salt can be sprinkled over the carpet and over the

pet beds let it set a few hours or over night then vacuum or shake it out.

This will kill the fleas and eggs.  It causes the eggs to dry out and the fleas

to dehydrate.  It is recommended to try a smaller test area on the

carpet first to see how it works for you.




Consult your vet for what products on the market they

feel are safest for your pets.





Clorox liquid bleach has been known to kill most insects and unwanted pests.

On concrete surface 4oz bleach to 1 gallon of water in a spray tank works well.

Saturate the concrete surface and let dry....... try to keep your pets from that area

until it dries.  The bleach will discolor your pets coat if it comes in contact.

You can also add Clorox liquid bleach in a hose end sprayer attachment

and spray your lawn.  Remember to keep your pets off the lawn until it dries.


KEEP IN MIND..... Once the bleach dries its no longer effective it only kills

what the liquid form comes in contact with.  The frequency of treating with

this method depends on individual situations.

Also remember to treat under decks... dark wet areas are fleas

live and breed.

Treating once a month seems to work for most.




Consult your vet for what products are on the market they

feel are safest for your pets.




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