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Wind Song Poodles


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Helpful Hits when getting started with your New Puppy
I hope you find these suggestions helpful


Number 1- Helpful Hint

Never chase or lunge at your puppy trying to catch it.  

This can lead to a fearful dog that will run from you when called. Always try to
coax or call the puppy over to you then praise and reward them. If you need to retrieve the puppy
try to move slowly towards them, bend down so you appear less threatening and
always praise and reward the puppy.

No matter how frustrated or angry you are at the puppy for not coming, scolding or
punishing the puppy may create fearful relationship between you and your puppy and cause
your puppy to avoid contact with you.  In other words it teaches your puppy
to "RUN and HIDE" when it hears its name.


Find that special treat - small piece of chicken or store bought treat - break them into small pieces -
pea size piece of treat in their eyes is the size of a baseball.

Bend down and get to their level.  Your not so threatening to them. Call them over give them
that pea size treat and praise praise praise.

Progress to hiding within the house and have them find you. Reward and praise praise praise.

Master this skill in the house than try it in a fenced in area or on a long leash. This can be the
most important TRICK you can teach your dog.

It is important to remember - its a big beautiful world they just found themselves in -
they can be overwhelmed easily trying to teach to much at one time.

For other Helpful Hints like potty training visit    My Helpful Training Tips

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