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Our purchase policy


Please read thoroughly our purchase policy before placing your deposit.

Our process is very simple to complete.


Once you select a puppy please email us using the link associated

with that puppy and include your full name for future contacts.


We will review that puppies availability and contact you

with updated information on that puppy.   If you decide to adopt the puppy

you may reserve your puppy by placing a non-refundable deposit of $200.00. 


This can be done by mailing a Money Order, Cashier Check or

Credit/Debit Card by using the PayPal link below. 

Once we receive your deposit the puppies status will be changed from

Available  TO   Reserved.


All puppies from our nursery must be Paid in Full by 8 Weeks of age

and picked up or shipped within 4 weeks of puppy reaching adoption age.

All puppies reserved after reaching Adoption Age must be Paid in Full prior to

picking up or shipping and within 4 weeks of reservation date.

Adoption Ages

Teacup Poodles -  12 weeks

Tiny Toys   -  8 weeks


Once your puppy is Paid in Full we will change the status from

Reserved    TO   Sold

Payments received are NON-Refundable



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We CAN NOT guarantee the adult size a puppy will be.  If a breeder says they can

predict the adult size of a puppy they are only providing a best guess with

hopes they are right or the attachment you have with the puppy at a year old

will make the size not a issue.


We can offer a "Best Guess" based on experience and previous breeding records.


EXAMPLE:  Below is a picture of a litter with Birth and Adult weights.

This example shows the difficulty to predict adult weights


Puppies in Picture


Brown Puppy born at  7.2 oz   adult weight  4 3/4 lbs

Black puppy top left born at 5.2 oz   adult weight  6 1/2 lbs

Black puppy top right born at 5.2 oz   adult weight  4 lbs



Please Read  Our Sales Agreement

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 Place your $200 Deposit for your Puppy...

Please add 3% Paypal Processing Fee


Your Deposit is NON-Refundable....

 This policy is in place to avoid persons form

 placing  holds on puppies only to cancel at a later

 date and preventing others from getting the puppy

 of their choice.


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