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Wind Song Poodles


Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I find Breeders Anymore?

Why does it cost so much for a puppy?


These questions are asked on a daily basis.

Here is a little insight to answer some of the "Why's"

Don't get me wrong I agree with the foundation of the

idea and they really do have the welfare of the animals at heart.

BUT....when you weigh

What people can/or want to pay for a puppy


What it actually Costs


You will see where the battle begins.


Something had to give and unfortunately good breeders

couldn't keep up with the costs and requirements

and no longer are breeding. For this reason it  is harder to find

a good breeder and  has increased the number

of puppies now coming from puppymills.

Here are a few Reasons:

USDA Regulations and Requirements
Regulating the Housing and Care : (Requiring a License)

They also carry out unannounced inspections

with possible fines.

Local and State Regulations
(Most require a license or permit sometimes BOTH)

Some States are passing Laws  "NO Breeders in State"

Escalating Veterinarian Costs

Taxes applied to Veterinarian Services

Increase Cost in Veterinarian Medications

Increased Cost of Essentials
(Feeding,  Grooming, Heat and Cooling, Bedding and Housing,
Cleaning Disinfecting Needs (Floors, Laundry, Exercise Areas..etc)

Building and Housing Requirements that need to be

maintained and repairs completed.

(Cost of building materials have gone up)

These things have driven the cost up tremendously.
Which is forcing people trying to breed and maintain the health

and standard of the purebred dog to stop breeding.

Puppymills are doing a better job of hiding ......but it's not

stopping them.


The fact  of the matter is....... it's making the demand

for the family pet a thriving business for the puppymills.


Add in the number of people scamming for money

that have NO PUPPIES and its makes things more difficult.


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